Packing Events

Helping The Community

During the critical developmental phase of ages 2-6, the brains of children require adequate nutrition to lay the groundwork to become healthy, capable, and successful adults. OUR MISSION is to improve the holistic development of underprivileged children in the poor communities of South Africa through nutritious meals provided within a stimulating preschool environment.

Operating at the grassroots level, we are constantly reminded of the gruesome realities of poverty in the lives of the most vulnerable, the children. Through first-hand experience, we see multitudes of impoverished children beyond our current reach. Judea Hope has formulated a dehydrated rice, vegetable (barley, split pea and lentil mix) and legume-based meal with a vitamin and mineral supplement added, that provides all the macronutrient needs for a child and even an adult and provides the day care centres with food packs.

The meals are packed by volunteers from the corporates, churches and schools packing 20 000 meals in 3 hours, in a fun and engaging team building style event. Dr. Anton Janse Van Rensburg is a medical practitioner, holding a Master’s degree in Nutrition, and is our specialist nutritional consultant. Lastly these meals are distributed and delivered to our network of Early Childhood Development centres across the country, where we facilitate a day trip/field trip to our donors and partners. We are proud to announce that we have packed more 5 000 000 meals over the past eight years.